We Won! 2013 Moksha Festival Yoga Activist Award

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We Won! 2013 Moksha Festival Yoga Activist Award

What an honor! Moksha Festival 2013 is a high profile event in Southern California that celebrates yoga, music and healing arts for the well-being of our communities.

A member of the SCHOOL, Inc Board of Directors, Irene Lara, nominated me for the Yoga Activist Award. I was and remain so elated to receive this award. When Arvind Chittumalla, CEO of Moksha Festival, announced the winner and gave me an opportunity to speak, I shared how going into public schools and teaching yoga and meditation to underserved children is to help increase learning within the classrooms. Once a child lessens distraction, nervousness and aggression, we see a more gentle attitude spring forth. We notice ears that listen better to their teacher’s words. We notice more harmony within the group and a willingness to collaborate.

SCHOOL classes are essential for my well-being. Knowing how the practice of breathing calmly and learning how to pause and consider the heart of another continues to help me, there is zero hesitation in sharing these calming techniques with children and public school teachers. Often, I am so moved by observing a classroom of 30 elementary school children taking a calm breath in and out, that tears spring forth from my eyes. I wish you could see what I see on a daily basis – children interested in creating a calm heart, interested in healthy eating and living and creating stronger habits to not react but to help others.

Thank you Arvind Chittumalla and Moksha Festival 2013. We keep breathing calmly.


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Kelly Wood holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing, with a minor in Philosophy from Clemson University and also a Bachelor’s of Art in Art History from Georgia State University. Her professional career includes years with Deloitte Consulting and Deloitte & Touch LLP. Kelly’s yoga studio, Karuna Yoga, continues to serve more than 10,000 people. By volunteering her time for 11 years in Los Angeles public schools, Kelly has taught 75,000+ children. In 2012, Kelly established the nonprofit, SCHOOL, Inc. to support the growing demand for secular yoga and meditation classes she and those she trains bring to underserved children in Los Angeles County.

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