Class Descriptions

Live Stream & Recorded Karuna Yoga

Classes are in real time or accessed as recording from home. Practice each day to increase energy and well-being. Within the Live Stream Karuna classes, you will see Kelly on screen in full view, giving clear instructions. Kelly has taught thousands of students and includes postures that are beneficial and accessible for everyone.

Live Stream & Recorded Karuna classes soothe the nervous system, sharpen focus and create emotional balance. Significant focus is given to breathing with heart. Feel grounded, nourished and restored. Please send your first and last name for a free first class –

Kids Yoga

A specialty class by expert Kids Yoga teacher, Kelly Wood. Kelly’s classes emphasize the habit of calm breathing for mental and emotional soothing. Children learn the value of movement and stillness for enhanced focus, self-discipline, and compassion to help others. Through imagination, posture, dance, and meditation each child builds confidence while respecting the group dynamic. Ages 4-11.

Parents and Kids Yoga

Calm yourself and your child while having a super fun time in this specialty class. Parents need time to breathe and unwind. Kids are empowered and learn focusing and calming techniques. This class encourages playful, attentive and focused bonding between parents and kids. Ages 4-9.

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga classes are for ages 10-17. Classes include postures, breathing exercises, meditation and understanding of how yoga helps the body, brain and heart. Teens also learn how yoga and meditation helps them in their daily lives. Ages 10-17.

Parents and Babies Yoga

Stretch, dance, breathe and bond in a comforting way with your child. Given the multitude of demands of parenting, let’s take time to balance mind, body and emotions with the habit of calm breathing. Little ones benefit from the positive social experience, plus specific movements that help with brain balance and coordination. Building community of bright hearts and calm minds together. Ages 0-3

Private Instruction

Please inquire for more details.

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