Hi Yoga DVD ~ Parents & Kids


Hi Yoga DVD ~ Parents & Kids


The Hi Yoga™ DVD contributes to the health and happiness of families. It is for parents and kids who either know yoga or are new to yoga. Parents will be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness of Hi Yoga™ to increase calm and focus in the family. The Hi Yoga™ DVD includes: – Three short videos detailing the benefits of Hi Yoga™ for body systems, focus and secure bonding. – Two 15 minute simple yoga sequences – one sequence for parents and kids to practice together and a second sequence for kids to practice on their own. Hi Yoga™ is unlike other yoga DVD’s. It’s simplicity minimizes distraction. It’s effectiveness derives from Kelly Wood’s extensive experience teaching over 220,000 kids and even more adults. Shipping options: First Class Mail – up to 5 days Priority Mail – 2 days

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