• The Breathing Revolution

    KARUNA YOGA, HI YOGA and SCHOOL bring yoga and meditation to adults and children. We emphasize breathing with heart. Relating to others rather than reacting begins with one calm breath.

    The Breathing Revolution

    We are a 501(c)(3) that brings secular yoga and meditation-based methods to Pre-K through 5th grade children within public schools. Expert Kids Yoga Teacher, Kelly Wood, has taught over 150,000 children and trains teachers. SCHOOL TEACHER TRAINING – October 18th & 25th and November 1st & 8th, 2014.

  • Karuna Yoga

    Karuna means compassion. Karuna Yoga classes and trainings develop healthy bodies while cultivating mindfulness, gentleness, patience, and further qualities of the heart. A calm mind perceives life with more compassion. Karuna Teacher Training Intensive: Summer 2014.

    Karuna Yoga
  • Hi Yoga

    Welcome to an innovative, simple, and very effective Kids Yoga and Parents & Kids Yoga practice. More than just stretching, Hi Yoga teaches children to relate gently to others. The Hi Yoga Teacher Training Level 1: 9/27-10/1, Level 2: 10/3-6, 10/10-13, 2014

    Hi Yoga

For Adults

Kelly Wood is an expert yoga and mediation teacher, with 25,000+ hours of instruction. Her teaching style is highly adaptive due to in-depth knowledge of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga.

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For Kids & Parents

Hi Yoga teaches children methods for calming, breathing, and relating to the hearts of others. Kelly Wood developed Hi Yoga from teaching over 220,000 children. Hi Yoga Teacher Training Level 1: 9/27-10/1 and Level 2: 10/3-6, 10/10-13, 2014.

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For Schools

SCHOOL brings secular yoga and meditation classes to underserved children within public schools. Our upcoming SCHOOL Teacher Training (Oct 18, 25 & Nov 1st, 8th) is for public school teachers and therapists. Join us to learn calming techniques that are grounded in scientific, medical research.

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The Karuna Yoga Teacher Training was a wonderful, life-changing experience. Kelly's training taught me so much about myself. My yoga and meditation practice changed in such a positive way.–Lauren F.

I like yoga because it makes me feel calm, not crazy and my brain works more.–Jasmine, age 7

When teaching my first Kids Yoga class, I saw that their knowledge of yoga was simply on exercise and funny animal poses. From our Hi Yoga Training, I knew how to explain the fundamentals: breathing, pause and caring for the heart. I had no idea how much joy teaching kids would bring my own heart.–Veronica V.

Teaching SCHOOL classes to my Kindergarten students brings calm to my classroom, helps my students focus, and builds their inner and outer strength. This all helps create a positive, calm environment in which the students can learn.–Kathleen B., Kindergarten Teacher